we are now closed for the 2019 season!


    Thanks for picking - we hope to see you again next July!



  • About Us

    Farm history

    U-Pick flowers in Red Hook, New York daily.


    Darryl and Debby Mosher (with help from their children and more recently, their grandson) have been farming in Rhinebeck, NY for 35 years.

    Son Brendan and daughter-in-law Kim grew flowers for their wedding during the summer of 2008. Ever since, we've been growing flowers.



    When are you open?

    We generally open 4th of July weekend through early October, but it varies depending on weather. Check our Facebook page or the welcome banner on the home page of this website to be sure. Once we open for the season, our hours are 7am-7pm daily.


    How much to the flowers cost?

    Our flowers cost $10/1-gallon bucket if you bring your own bucket, or $12/bucket if you take our bucket home with you. You can reuse the bucket next time to save $2. We take cash (exact change only) or check, but not credit cards.


    How do I make your flowers last longer?

    Picking during the morning or evening hours when the weather is cool can make flowers last longer. Place the flowers directly into water and your bucket. There is a homemade preservative recipe and some other great tips here.


    Are your flowers available for special events?

    Yes - each summer our flowers appear in bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, corsages, and arrangements at weddings and other events. We are mainly a pick-your-own operation, so our flowers are best-suited for folks interested in a DIY event or who have a florist who can do the picking and/or arranging. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at brittanyhollowfarm@gmail.com.


    Who took all of these lovely photos?

    Summer Mosher is our photographer. Thank you, Summer!


    I have more questions. How do I get in touch with you?

    Email is using the form provided on the "Contact Us" page, or send an email to: brittanyhollowfarm [at] gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!



    How to find us

    We're located on Rt. 9 between the towns of Red Hook and Rhinebeck in the Hudson Valley of NY. You'll see our fields on the west side of the road. Google directions here.


    Seasonal hours

    We are open from 7am-7pm daily from July 4th weekend through September, depending on weather. Check our Facebook page to see if we are open for the season.

  • Have a question or special event?

    Email us for additional information.